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The UCL Epilepsy Imaging Group is part of the Department of Clinical and Experimental Epilepsy, UCL Institute of Neurology. It is primarily based in the Epilepsy Society MRI Unit, Chalfont St Peter, Buckinghamshire and is located in a dedicated building adjacent to the newly opened Epilepsy Society Research Centre.

The MRI unit originally opened in 1995 with a 1.5T scanner dedicated to patients with epilepsy, which was upgraded to a 3T scanner in 2004 and more recently updated to the latest cutting edge technology with a General Electric 3T MR750 scanner.

Epilepsy Society MRI Unit


As well as performing clinical scans for the assessment of patients at the National Hospital for Neurology and Neurosurgery, University College London Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust, there is an active research group performing both structural and functional imaging studies.

We work closely with the Translational Imaging Group of the UCL Centre for Medical Image Computing to implement image-guided surgery and translate other imaging techniques into clinical practice.

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Epilepsy Society MRI Unit, Chesham Lane, Chalfont St Peter, SL9 0RJ
Tel: +44 (0)1494 601360 - Fax: +44 (0)1494 875945

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