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Information on the academic and clinical research conducted by our Consultant Neurosurgeons.

Professor Rob Brownstone - Neural Cirucits for Movement 

In many neurological diseases, quality of life is impaired due to disruptions to normal movement. The Neural Circuits for Movement lab investigate how normal movement is produced by neural circuits, and how disruption to these circuits in disease impairs movement. Our goal is to lay foundations for new strategies aimed at improving movement in people with neurological diseases.

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Mr Hani Marcus - Brain Surgery with Robotics, Artificial Intelligence and Neuronavigation (BRAIN)

The BRAIN group is an interdisciplinary collaboration between surgeons at the National Hospital for Neurology and Neurosurgery and engineers at the Wellcome ESPRC Centre for Interventional and Surgical Sciences (WEISS). Our aim is to develop and apply novel technology to make neurosurgery safer and more effective for patients, simpler for surgeons, and more efficient for healthcare systems, including those in resource-limited settings.

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Miss Huma Sethi - Consultant Neurosurgeon - Roles of Pericytes and Neigbouring Cells in Ischaemia and Dementia

By collaborating with basic neuroscientists, we as a team are helping to reveal important roles for capillary pericytes in causing reductions of cerebral blood flow in human ischaemia and dementia.