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This page contains information on education at the Division of Neurosurgery.

The Division of Neurosurgery is an innovative academic hub that hosts a wide range of educational activities. Education and continual improvement are at the heart of what we do. We push research forward and deliver the highest levels of care by focussing on training the best, to be the best. Our comprehensive educational programme spans the full range of training from undergraduate to postgraduate, fellowship level, and beyond – including advanced educational courses to keep experts at the cutting edge.

Neurosurgery MRes

This Master’s of Neurosurgery by Research (MRes) is a one-year postgraduate research degree with a one-third taught component (60 of 180 credits) and two-thirds research component (120 of 180 credits), that aims to provide the knowledge and skills to allow you to undertake meaningful novel research and participate in advancing the field. 

For further information on simulation courses please visit the Neurosurgery MRes page.

The Queen Square Simulation Centre

We are establishing the UK’s premier neuroscience simulation centre – leveraging the world-renowned multidisciplinary team at Queen Square - to deliver state-of-the-art high-fidelity simulations and augmented clinical training. 

For further information on simulation courses please visit the Queen Square Neurosurgery Simulation Centre page.

The Queen Square Review Course

We host a comprehensive and up to date review of neurosurgery each year, which is our flagship course. 

For further information please visit the Queen Square Neurosurgery Review Course page.

The Sir Victor Horsley Lecture Series

The annual meeting celebrates the enduring legacy of one the greatest National Hospital for Neurology and Neurosurgery doctors, and the "Father of Neurosurgery".

For further information please visit the Victor Horsley Lecture Event page.

The Future of Neurosurgery Series

We host an online collaborative platform delivering sessions on advancements and innovation in neurosurgery.

For further information please visit the Future of Neurosurgery page.