UCL Queen Square Institute of Neurology


First Pipetting Academy at UCL Queen Square Institute of Neurology May 2023

5 June 2023

Sartorius, hosted its first Pipetting Academy at UCL Queen Square Institute of Neurology in May 2023. The event was designed to provide participants with a comprehensive understanding of the significance of precise and accurate pipetting techniques during laboratory work.

pipetting academy lecture 2023

In the world of scientific research, where breakthroughs and discoveries shape the future, even the smallest tasks carry immense importance. The Pipetting Academy hosted by Sartorius at UCL ION was a highly informative event that aimed at exploring the fundamentals of pipetting and how to achieve optimal results. The event was designed to cater to a diverse audience, including undergraduate students and those seeking a refresher, fostering an inclusive and engaging environment.

The session commenced with a warm welcome from Aya Tarabiene hosting the event on behalf of Sartorius, setting the stage for an enriching and educational experience. Aya led an interactive presentation, covering the fundamentals of pipetting, different pipetting techniques, ergonomics, pipette maintenance and the necessary knowledge and skills required to achieve accurate and reproducible results during laboratory work. 

While to some pipetting  may seem like a mundane laboratory chore, the academy highlighted how it is a vital skill that underpins the integrity of scientific experiments and plays a pivotal role in advancing knowledge across various scientific disciplines. The event emphasized how consistent pipetting techniques are critical to ensure experiments can be reproduced with reliable results, leading to robust scientific conclusions and advancements.

Ergonomics, a crucial aspect of pipetting was discussed where participants learned about the basics of good ergonomic pipetting, which not only benefits lab work but also reduces the risk of repetitive strain injuries in during daily pipetting practices. Proper posture and pipetting techniques were emphasised as key factors in maintaining a healthy and sustainable approach to pipetting.

One of the event’s top highlights was the hands-on practice session where participants got to test their newly acquired knowledge and skills. Participants learned how to handle pipettes effectively and how to avoid common errors that could compromise the accuracy of their pipetting. The event also focused on ensuring students were well-versed in the associated vocabulary.

The academy culminated in a thrilling pipetting contest, won by Chirag Mutha Bandha from the Neurogenetics lab at UCL ION. Chirag’s outstanding performance earned him his very own pipette courtesy of Sartorius.

Chirag Mutha Bandha receiving pipette award

Overall, the Pipetting Academy provided participants with greater confidence in their abilities and a deeper appreciation for the importance of precise pipetting in delivering high-quality research results. By promoting reproducibility, ergonomic practices and practical skills, the academy made a significant impact in enhancing laboratory practices and ensure scientific integrity. It served as an ideal launchpad for many more events to come in collaboration with the ION.

“I was truly fascinated by the precision and detail involved in the Pipetting Academy. As an MSc Genetics of Human Disease student at UCL, I found the competitive yet supportive atmosphere incredibly enriching. The highlight of me was undoubtedly witnessing the unity of science and skill in a hands-on environment, a testament to the practical relevance of our academic endeavours.”