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Dr Christian Landles interviewed on technologies driving forward development of Huntington’s disease

20 July 2022

In a two part interview, Dr. Christian Landles, Senior Research Fellow at the Huntington’s Disease Centre, discusses the critical role that technology plays in driving HD research forward and how future treatment options for HD patients could change in the future.

Christian Landles

The interviews explore the current state of Huntington’s disease, efforts in the scientific and drug discovery community, and the role of biomarkers.

It bring insights on the high-level disease state, alongside ‘deep in the lab’ perspective as it pertains to the technical/science and drug discovery challenges. This will give readers insights from someone at the bench level of a renowned institution who is intimately living the day-to-day with the up and downs of the drug discovery process/pipeline.

The two part interview can be found online on the following pages: