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Evidence may be lacking for automated MRI analysis in dementia

13 October 2021

There's currently a "significant evidence gap" for the use of many available automated volumetric MRI reporting applications in diagnosis of dementia, according to research led by Hugh Pemberton (UCL Queen Square Institute of Neurology), published in Neuroradiology.

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The multinational team of researchers included Pemberton's colleagues from UCL, Erasmus MC University Medical Center in the Netherlands, and VU University Medical Center in the Netherlands.

"From this we conclude and recommend that more research can be done to validate these [quantitative volumetric reporting tools] in clinical settings to develop a more robust understanding of how each tool contributes to the diagnostic workflow in memory clinics.
This will not only support optimal clinical integration of quantitative tools but will also help neuroradiologists to make informed decisions regarding the use of quantitative assessment in their clinics. 
We hope this review encourages such validation studies from the developers of these quantitative tools and recommend caution from clinicians when examining claims of the tools' clinical performance."  Hugh Pemberton, lead author (UCL Queen Square Institute of Neurology)




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