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Queen Square Inaugural Lectures: Professor Andrea Malaspina

27 April 2021

UCL Queen Square Institute of Neurology held its second inaugural lecture evening of 2021, on 27th April 2021, which was joined by over 100 UK and international attendees.

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The inaugural lecture was given by Professor Andrea Malaspina (Professor of Clinical Neurology and Clinical Academic Lead of Queen Square Motor Neuron Disease Centre) on "A life in MND research: understanding the pace of ageing and neurodegeneration"

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Professor Malaspina talked about the people who had inspired him in Italy and the UK, including Henrietta Bowden Jones and Gavin Giovannoni, as well as colleagues at Imperial, the Blizzard Institute and William Harvery Foundation. He also spoke about cultural neurology, and challenges in developing services in North East London, before focussing on neurofilaments as ALS biomarkers, including research in collaboration with colleagues at UCL Queen Square Institute of Neurology, and concluding with the role of clinical trials and fundraising.

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Professor Michael Hanna introduced Professor Malaspina and a vote of thanks was given by Gavin Giovannoni, Professor of Neurology, Barts Health NHS Trust

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