UCL Queen Square Institute of Neurology


Queen Square Inaugural Lectures - March 2019

21 March 2019

UCL Queen Square Institute of Neurology is pleased to report on its first inaugural lecture evening of 2019, held on 19th March 2019

inaugural lecture march 2019

Sven Bestmann
Professor Sven Bestmann (Professor of Movement Science) 
Goals, and the brain

Gareth Barnes
Professor Gareth Barnes (Professor and Head of MEG)
Brains, trains and magnetic fields


Professor Linda Greensmith introduced the speakers and Professors Karl Friston and Cathy Price gave votes of thanks respectively.

Linda Greensmith
Professor Linda Greensmith

Karl Friston
Professor Karl Friston

Cathy Price
Professor Cathy Price

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Main image (left to right): Professor Cathy Price, Professor Gareth Barnes, Professor Sven Bestmann, Professor Linda Greensmith, Professor Karl Friston