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Professor Roger Lemon awarded the Fyssen International Prize 2015

7 January 2016

We are delighted to announce that Professor Roger Lemon (Sobell Chair of Neurophysiology, UCL Institute of Neurology) has been awarded the Fyssen International Prize 2015 for his work in Neurocognitive Mechanisms in Sensory and Motor systems.

The annual Prize is awarded to a scientist who has conducted distinguished research in the areas supported by the Fondation Fyssen.

I am honoured to receive this prestigious prize and would like to thank all my colleagues at the UCL Institute of Neurology, and in many other places, whose collaborative work has contributed to the work recognised by this Prize. Professor Roger Lemon, Sobell Chair of Neurophysiology, UCL Institute of Neurology
I am delighted that Professor Roger Lemon, who is based at the Institute of Neurology, Queen Square, has been awarded this extremely prestigious prize. Over the last 40 years Roger has led important research which has significantly advanced our understanding of the motor system in both health and disease. In particular, his detailed descriptions of both the anatomical and physiological organisation of the systems controlling the hand are increasingly relevant to the understanding of conditions such as stroke. He has sought to apply the knowledge gained from this work to study the effects in patients, and to try to understand the process of recovery and investigate therapies that might enhance recovery. Work such as Roger’s is a vital part of our strategic plan to undertake world leading discovery science, enabling us to deliver our vision to find therapies for neurological diseases. Professor Michael Hanna, Director of the UCL Institute of Neurology

Fondation Fyssen is a French charitable organization that was established and endowed in 1979 by H. Fyssen. The aim of the foundation is to stimulate research into the processes underlying and leading to cognition, including Ethology, Paleontology, Archaeology, Anthropology, Psychology, Epistemology, Logic and Sciences of the Nervous System.Professor Lemon will receive the Prize in Paris on 18th March 2016.

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