UCL Queen Square Institute of Neurology


Movement Making and Action Potential:  collaborations raising awareness of Motor Neuron Disease

6 November 2015

Two Motor Neuron Disease (MND) awareness events, co-organised by Dr Rickie Patani, UCL Institute of Neurology, Dr Emma Hodson-Tole, Manchester Metropolitan University (MMU), and Motor Neuron Disease Association (MNDA) were showcased during the recent Manchester Science Festival. Both activities were developed to try and translate to a wide audience the cycle scientific investigation goes through, raising awareness of MND, the MND Association and the research supported by the charity, as well as inspiring the next generation of scientists.

The first event, Movement Making, took place on Sunday 25 October and provided opportunities to talk directly with Dr Rickie Patani and his team and Dr Emma Hodson-Tole and researchers from MMU, as well as see and interact with some of the technology they use as part of their research.  

The second event, on the 31st October, was the premier of an exciting new dance-science collaboration called ‘Action Potential’. The dance was choreographed by Anne-Marie Smalldon, Combination Dance Company, and was inspired by the work of Dr Rickie Patani and his team.

Dancers and martial arts performers staged an interactive dance exploring how we currently understand a motor neurone works, how MND affects the body and the effects MND has on those living with the disease.  Established professional artists illustrated the impact of MND on those living with the disease and their families and how MND effects the body.