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Marsden's Book of Movement Disorders wins Neurology first prize at the 2013 BMA Book Awards

25 September 2013

Marsden's Book of Movement Disorders by Ivan Donaldson, C. David Marsden, Susanne Schneider and Kailash Bhatia has won the Neurology first prize at the 2013 BMA Medical Book Awards.

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The book was reviewed by Dr Tim Yates, Registrar & Academic Clinical Fellow in Neurology, National Hospital for Neurology & Neurosurgery:

"This is the greatest, most authoritative and up-to-date book on movement disorders ever produced.. ... it is highly accessible, complete and reflects the thinking processes of neurologists engaged in clinical work. It is a marvel and may be wholly and unreservedly recommended"

William Richard Gowers 1845-1915: Exploring the Victorian Brain, written by Ann Scott, Mervyn Eadie and Andrew Lees was Highly Commended for 'Basis of Medicine' at the same awards. This book was also reviewed by Dr Yates: “This is a fascinating, beautifully illustrated medical biography based on original research. ... The book is scholarly but also entertains and tells us much about the Victorian way of life and thinking.”

Both reviews are printed in full in the ceremony programme.

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