UCL Queen Square Institute of Neurology


Teaching Awards 2013

10 May 2013

The Education Unit would like to highlight the following teaching awards

Clinical Teaching Awards

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For the second year voting was held for the Djamshidian-Chinthapalli award for outstanding contribution to teaching (for bedside teaching for MSc/Diploma students) and the clear winner was Dr Damon Hoad with an honourable mention for Dr Iciar Aviles Olmos who came second. I would like to congratulate Dr Damon Hoad on the award of Best Bedside Teacher of the Year 2012/13.  

The winner for Clinical Tutor of the year went to Dr Atbin Djamshidian-Tehrani (eligibility was based on clinical sessions, Master Classes, and Case Presentations). Dr Kenji Yamamoto came in second with Dr Mike O’Brien coming third. We would like to pass on our congratulations to Dr Djamshidian-Tehrani and to thank everyone who contributed to teaching this year.


Clinical Neuroscience Dr Tony Pullen Lecturer of the Year Award

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For the first year the Education Unit asked all MSc Clinical Neuroscience students to vote for their lecturer of the year, in our attempt to recognise and reward our outstanding lecturers.

I am pleased to announce that Mr Ludvic Zrinzo has been awarded the Dr Tony Pullen Lecturer of the Year Award. Students cited Mr Zrinzo as an engaging and inspiring speaker with a lecture that was interactive, with just the correct amounts of history, anecdote, and case study.

Mr Zrinzo is the first recipient of the inaugural Dr Tony Pullen Lecturer of the Year Award (the award is so named in recognition for the dedication that Dr Pullen showed during his time at Queen Square and in particular for his tireless support of teaching and pastoral care for students enrolled on the MSc in Clinical Neuroscience).

Second place goes to Prof Geraint Rees and Dr Ed Wild with third place shared between Prof Niall Quinn and Dr Mark Edwards.

Honourable mentions are made to Prof Paul Bolam, Prof Eileen Joyce, Prof Mike Trimble, Dr Nikolaus Weiskopf, Dr Alex Leff, Dr Jenny Pocock, Prof Lizzy Fisher, Prof Nick Fox and Dr Diana Caine who all polled votes.