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BRC awards over £500k to neuroscience projects

19 June 2013

The BRC has awarded over half a million pounds to groundbreaking experimental medicine research projects in neuroscience. The awards, totalling £622,000 and ranging from £75,000 to £100,000, were confirmed last month and go to seven innovative research projects, including the following to the Institute of Neurology:

  • £77,077 to Professor Louis Lemieux, of the Department of Clinical and Experimental Epilepsy, and his team to use MRI brain scanning to map the networks associated with the ‘High-Frequency Oscillations’ activity observed in the ECG of patients with epilepsy.
  • £99,139  to researchers led by Professor Vladimir Litvak, Lecturer, Imaging Neuroscience, to study Deep Brain Stimulations (DBS), one of the most effective treatments for advanced Parkinson’s disease but a highly invasive procedure implanting electrodes in the deep structures of the brain.
  • £75,000 to a project led by Mr David Choi, Reader in Neurosurgery, Brain Repair & Rehabilitation, researching the use of cells from the lining of the nose to repair damaged nerves in the spinal cord.
  • £100,000 to Dr Helene Plun-Favreau, Senior Research Fellow in Molecular Neuroscience
  • £96,360 to Professor Mary Reilly, Professor of Neurology and her team to assess the most useful outcomes in a potential trial of a drug for hereditary sensory neuropathy type 1.
  • £75,000 to Dr Ralph Andre, Research Fellow, Neurodegenerative Diseases, and his team to determine whether silencing the mutant gene in cells from outside the brain has beneficial therapeutic effects in Huntington's disease (HD).

Read more: http://www.uclhospitals.brc.nihr.ac.uk/news/brc-awards-over-%C2%A3500k-neuroscience-projects