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Video: Brain Disease Research - Keeping You You

11 April 2013

Have you ever wondered how scientists research the brain? Have you wondered who digs through that beautiful mass of grey matter between our ears to understand how it works and why it stops working? Meet the Neurodegenerative Diseases Initiative. Funded by the Wellcome Trust and MRC, this team of scientists from around the globe investigates Alzheimer's, Parkinson's and Motor Neuron Diseases. The team is on the hunt for understanding and treatments for brain diseases.

As we age, brain diseases become more and more common. More than 1 in 6 over 80 year olds have some form of dementia, such as Alzheimer’s disease, and around 4% have Parkinson’s Disease. Dementia alone costs the EU approximately £108 billion a year. Because we’re now living longer than ever, the number of people with brain diseases looks set to increase, so there is a greater need than ever to understand how they affect the brain.

The Neurodegenerative Diseases Initiative has created a short film taking you on a whirlwind tour of brain research. From those affected by brain disease, to those spared like Granny Marsh, 90 years old and spritely. Learn about the questions the Initiative is asking about the brain, and see how they look at individual brain cells, proteins and genes.

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