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UCL Queen Square Movement Disorders Centre Symposium

09 June 2022, 8:30 am–5:30 pm

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UCL Queen Square Movement Disorders Centre Symposium

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Movement Disorders Centre


Henry Wellcome Auditorium
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The UCL Queen Square Movement Disorders Centre is a research centre that translates discoveries in movement disorders into clinical benefit at UCL/UCLH, and we are delighted to invite you to our UCL QS MDC Symposium on June 9th, 2022.

The symposium will bring together international experts to discuss recent discoveries and promising pathways for a better understanding and treatment of movement disorders.

The plenary lectures will be delivered by Professor Randy Schekman, Howard Hughes Institute Investigator and Professor of Cell and Developmental Biology, Aligning Science Across Parkinson’s Scientific Director and 2013 Nobel Laureate in Physiology or Medicine, University of California, Berkeley; and Professor Alexis Brice, Professor in Medical Genetics, Director General of the Institut du Cerveau (ICM) and Scientific Director of the Institut Hospitalo-Universitaire.

Attendees will hear about developments across the translational research spectrum, from genetics, molecular and cellular biology, biomarkers and epidemiology to experimental medicine. The symposium will provide a platform for the exchange of ideas between clinician and academics from different disciplines, will highlight promising pathways for research translation and will facilitate new collaborations.

The Symposium speakers include:

  • Prof. Miratul Muqit – Dundee, UK
  • Prof. Richard Wade-Martins – Oxford, UK
  • Prof. Kailash Bhatia – UCL, UK
  • Prof. Tom Foltynie – UCL, UK
  • Prof Sonia Gandhi – UCL, UK
  • Prof. Tony Schapira – UCL, UK


  • Prof. Huw Morris – UCL, UK
  • Prof. Anette Schrag – UCL, UK
  • Prof. Tom Warner – UCL, UK
  • Prof. Ludvic Zrinzo – UCL, UK
  • Prof. Mina Ryten – UCL, UK
  • Prof. Nick Wood – UCL, UK
  • Dr. Rimona Weil – UCL, UK
  • Dr. Chris Lambert – UCL, UK