UCL Queen Square Institute of Neurology


Tracy Skinner

What colleagues said about Tracy: Doing an amazing job and a joy to work with.

Overview of current position and main responsibilities   

I am the Research Degree Administrator within the Education Team at UCL Queen Square Institute of Neurology. My main responsibility is to support all Postgraduate Research (PGR) students through from the submission of their application to the awarding of their degree. I work, together with other colleagues, to make the IoN an excellent study and social place for all PGR students. Alongside this, I am also an active member of the IoN Athena Swan SAT, the FBS Race Equality working group and have recently been recruited as a Dignity Advisor where I hope to provide support and a friendly face to staff and students who may be facing difficulties in their life. I rarely say no to a new project, I enjoy stepping out of my comfort zone and tackling new challenges. 

What was your career path to this position and subject area?   

I am relatively new working in Higher Education, having previously worked as a Radiology Administrator in an NHS and private hospital. Prior to this, I was studying at University myself completing my Bachelor of Science degree. I thoroughly enjoyed my time at University, working closely with scientific researchers and students. Therefore, my current role seemed perfect for me, also given my experience in administration. Throughout my time at the IoN, my passion for equal rights and the encouragement of positivity in the workplace has developed massively. I am a strong believer that being kind, honest and hardworking can get you far in your career. This is what drove me to take on the additional roles mentioned above. 

Do you feel you have a good work / life balance? Why?   

I am fortunate to work under an excellent management team who is very supportive and trusting. This goes hand in hand with being a hard worker myself, I always try to think ahead and ensure that targets are met in a timely fashion. Therefore, I have confidence in myself that I am doing a good job and deserve relaxation in the evenings and weekends. Fortunately, my management team are very approachable so I can confide in them if I am struggling with workload or have an important commitment. I believe that a good work/life balance is dependent on mutual trust and understanding between team members which I am lucky to have at the IoN. 

Who has inspired your career?   

This is a difficult one – it is probably an amalgamation of a few things! My parents were very encouraging and had high expectations for me. They certainly inspired me to pursue science and to attend university since it is a door opener to many opportunities. Whilst I was at university, I thought that my lecturers and administrative support system were brilliant. This partnered with my parents’ influence could have inspired my career path and although I am always open to every opportunity, I can see myself working in Higher Education for a long time coming. 

What advice would you give to your younger self? 

To appreciate every experience and explore all avenues. I am learning new pieces of information every day, finding new interests and developing new passions. I would advise my younger self to be more open to every opportunity and use it as a learning experience. Knowledge is a very substantial skill to have so every prospect to learn should be appreciated whether it is through school or simply meeting a new person. 

What is the best thing about working at IoN?  

There are so many amazing aspects about working at the IoN, it is hard to choose one! My colleagues are brilliant to work with on a professional and social level. I am very lucky to work in a team who are so supportive and fun to work with. This also connects back to the work/life balance, which is exceptional at the IoN, especially within my team. I also love the location – Queen Square is so beautiful during all seasons of the year and makes going to work even more inviting! Another brilliant part of working at the IoN is the abundance of opportunities, whatever you are passionate about, there is an opportunity to get involved and really make a difference to the lives of students and staff members.