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Early Career Career Promotion workshop (from Grade 6 applying to Grade 7; from Grade 7 applying to Grade 8) 
FAQ Early Career Promotions
Am I expected to carry out every activity listed at the appropriate grade?

No member of staff is expected to carry out every activity in each grade. At the IoN, staff on academic and research contracts will be expected to meet the threshold Research and Education criteria at the current grade (or at the next grade if applying for promotion). Furthermore, at the IoN staff will be expected to carry some Institutional Citizenship or some Enterprise/External Engagement.
The Academic Carrers Framework is designed to be flexible enough to be applied to every academic, teaching and research role across UCL, however mixed or specialised that role might be. To that end, the criteria are meant to be a representative, rather than comprehensive, list of activities. 
Staff should use it as a reference guide that sets out broad academic expectations at each grade. Staff can use it to help build their own portfolio of evidence and to inform their own career development needs.

is it true that I can only get promoted from grade 7 to grade 8 if I have my own fellowship?

No. But it certainly will help your case.

what is the role of ion ECR internal PROMOTIONS committee? 

IoN Internal Promotions Committee evaluates every candidate's ECR promotion case. The committee comprises of 3 senior academics: 2 female and 1 male Professors. You will only be able to secure the Institute's Director endorsment of your promotion case if has been approaved by the IoN ECR Internal Promotions Committee. 

You are strongly incentivised to submit your case to the IoN's internal promotions committee. The Committee will offer written feedback as to how you can improve your application to promotion, should it be considered not ready yet to be submitted at Faculty level.

Do promotion deadlines also apply to those who are in Grade 6B and have just received their PhD award? 

No. Promotions from Grade 6B to Grade 7 will happen automatically once your PhD degree is awarded. 

are papers/grants under review taken into account in the promotion application process?

No. Only papers accepted and grants awarded will be considered as supporting evidence in your promotion case.

will i be promoted if i only meet the criteria for one of the four areas of the ACF?

No. Even when you have a really strong CV meeting all the criteria under 'Research', you still need to show evidence of activities in the other areas - more specifically 'Teaching'. Supervision of MSc students, PhD students or marking exames would be evidence of Teaching. 

Senior Career Promotion workshop (from Grades 8 applying to Grade 9; from Grades 9 applying to Grade 10)
FAQ Senior Promotions

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