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Who can enter the QSS poster competition? -The competition is open to all MSc, Diploma or MPhil/PhD postgraduate students at the UCL Institute of Neurology and UCL Institute for Cognitive Neuroscience, and to clinicians currently employed at the NHNN who are not enrolled on a postgraduate degree at UCL.

How do I enter the QSS poster competition? - By emailing your abstract to qscommittee@gmail.com by 5th May 2019

How do I write my abstract? - See Abstract Guidelines

How do I submit my abstract? see Abstract Guidelines

How do I submit a poster? - Following your abstract submission (by 5th May 2019) . All posters must be submitted by 19th May 2019 at the latest.

Please ensure your poster is A0 portrait format and contains the UCL logo where appropriate. Posters must be submitted in PDF to qscommittee@gmail.com

Can I present a poster I have presented or intend to present at a conference? - Yes, as long as it will fit onto a posterboard 841mm high by 1189mm wide, and as long as it includes the UCL (and where appropriate IoN logo).

Can I present a poster I presented at a previous QSS? - No

Where do I get my poster printed? - Details of printing services will be made available at a later date. If you have alternative poster printing facilities available to you, including departmental facilities, please feel free to use them. 

How much will it cost to print my poster? - All posters submitted within the deadline will be printed for you free of charge. Any posters submitted after the deadline should be printed at your own cost.  Printing costs from your department or from private companies will vary, and you will need to ensure that your supervisor is happy to pay for printing costs.  

When is Queen Square Symposium 2019? - 31st May 2019

When during the day do I need to be free? -  (9:00 – 17:00 with a social event from 17:00 onwards). If you want to enter the poster competition please ensure you are free at least between 9:00 and 13:00 to put up and present your poster.

Where will QSS 2019 be held? - Institute of Education, Jeffery Hall.

How will posters be judged? - A team of IoN, ICN and NHNN academic staff will be judging the posters. A team of two or three judges will be allocated your poster to judge and you should present your poster to the judges.

How do I present my poster? - Ideally you should be able to explain your poster to an academic (who may not be working in your area) in 5 minutes or less. Think about the main messages you want to get across and be prepared to answer questions about your poster. Judging styles vary; some judges may ask you to take them through the poster, others might read it themselves and pick out parts to discuss with you. 

What do I do when I’m not presenting my poster? - You are free to look around other people’s posters and talk to them about their research – this is one of the main reasons behind the symposium.

When should I take down my poster? - You will need to take down your poster by 13.00.

When will the results of the poster competition be announced? - At the end of the symposium, a representative from the judging panel will announce the winners and runners up and the prizes will be presented.

Can my supervisor and other members of my lab come along to QSS? - Yes, all members of IoN, ICN and NHNN are welcome to come along to the poster competition and/or the guest lecture.

Can my friend/girlfriend/boyfriend/mum/dad/brother/sister/pet rabbit come to QSS? - Unfortunately we cannot allow non-UCL members to come to QSS. This is because of the sensitive nature of some of the work done at Queen Square. In addition much of the data presented is unpublished and thus not yet in the public domain.

What else happens during the day? - There will be talks throughout the day, and refreshments and snacks will be provided

Who can I ask if I have a question which is not answered on this website? - Email qscommittee@gmail.com

I would like to be involved with the organisation of QSS 2018. Who can I contact to find out more information? - Email qscommittee@gmail.com