UCL Queen Square Institute of Neurology


Notable former staff in the history of Queen Square

Some notable figures in the history of Queen Square.

Charles David Marsden

Professor David Marsden FRS, DSc, FRCP, MRCPsych, MBBS (19th April 1938 – 29 September 1998) was one of the outstanding clinician neuroscientists of the 20th Century. 


david marsden

Charles Symonds

Symonds' ((born 1890, died 1978) skill in clinical diagnosis and his abilities as a teacher is how he will be best remembered.

charles symonds





Roger William Gilliatt

Roger William Gilliatt (born 1922, died 1991). After qualification in medicine from the Middlesex Hospital in 1949, Gilliatt trained in neurology there and at the National Hospital.

roger gilliatt


Samuel Alexander Kinnier Wilson

In 1905, Wilson applied successfully for the post of resident medical officer at the National Hospital, where he was much influenced by Hughlings Jackson. In 1912 he described the eponymous Wilson's Disease


kinnier wilson

Anita Harding

Anita Harding was the leading clinical scientist of her day. A pioneer of neurogenetics, remembered for the insightful way in which she anticipated the entry of molecular genetics into neurology.


anita harding


Sir Victor Horsley

Sir Victor Horsley (1857-1916) was the first neurosurgeon appointed to the National Hospital Queen Square, and was known worldwide as the ‘Father of Neurosurgery’.

sir victor horsley


Pat Harris

Pat Harris was Assistant Secretary for Students at UCL Queen Square Institute Neurology until 1989.


Margery Ling

Miss Ling (born 1916– died 1982) came to the National Hospital in 1943 as nurse–tutor and was appointed matron in 1946.

matron ling

Risien Russell

James Samuel Risien Russell (born 1863, died 1939) was appointed resident medical officer at the National Hospital (1888), In the 1890s, he was appointed professor of medicine at University College.

risien russell


John Marshall

John Marshall (born 1922, died 2014) was Professor of Clinical Neurology and former Dean of the Institute of Neurology between 1982 and 1987.


john marshall

MacDonald Critchley

In 1923, Critchley moved to the National Hospital where he became Risien Russell’s last house physician. Critchley was a prolific writer, publishing more than 300 single-author journal articles