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Why we need to examine the ways the UK treats asylum seekers | RFTRW: S17E03

26 September 2022

This podcast hears about research that centres the perspectives of asylum seekers in the UK and challenges existing arrangements to support them as they navigate the system.

Professor Mette Berg, Research for the Real World podcast

Mette Berg
Professor of Migration and Diaspora Studies

Professor Mette Berg is currently the Director of an international, comparative research project called ‘Solidarities’, which examines who is, and who is not, considered deserving of welfare services - and how deserving-ness is negotiated and with what implications, in the context of increasing diversity.

Our presenter Emily MacLeod talks to Professor Berg about the project, the challenges asylum seekers face when they arrive in the UK, and what the project recommends to help asylum seekers whilst they wait on applications.

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