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World-class teacher training

At the IOE Teacher Education College, our students learn to teach with the best in the world.

We are a world-leading provider of teacher education – we’re rated Ofsted Outstanding (in fact, we’ve come first for the past ten years in the QS rankings). Perhaps most importantly, we’re a flagship provider, delivering global leadership to the sector with the support of more than 600 academics, examining and improving every aspect of teaching and education. 

Teachers educated by us don’t just benefit from our expertise. Our Initial Teacher Education (ITE) partnership draws on the knowledge, experience and best practice of more than 500 partner schools, early years settings and colleges in the London region. 

Consequently, our graduates are in great demand for the value they bring to schools and pupils: 97% of our PGCE students are in teaching roles within six months of graduating. 

(And if your school would like to join the partnership, we’d love to hear from you – please do get in touch).

Teacher checking pupil's work in class

Our expertise 

The IOE has been one of the world’s most dynamic education research communities since its foundation in 1902. Our expertise in social science, psychology and educational technology enables us to understand, respond to and shape change in today’s rapidly evolving and challenging educational landscape. 

We know that education doesn’t stand still, and neither do the teachers we educate. We prepare them to equip your pupils and your school for a future that is still unknown. Our work creates opportunities and promotes social justice, supporting people of all ages to thrive by giving them the tools to adapt, contribute and lead.

The IOE Teacher Education College approach 

We want our teachers to enter your classroom with confidence. We want them to be curious and challenging, and ready and able to share their passion and knowledge with your pupils. 

And, of course, that takes time, reflection and knowledge – which is why the IOE Teacher Education College has a unique five-point approach to training new teachers.

  1. We immerse our student teachers gradually – starting them out with a small group before slowly moving up to full-class teaching, enabling them to take risks, experiment and develop their own approach.  
  2. Our student teachers receive a very high level of support – with a personal tutor throughout the year and a school-based mentor who will guide them through their two school placements. 
  3. Our student teachers are taught by subject specialists who are themselves modelling best-in-class approaches to teaching and learning, giving students the opportunity to see new techniques in practice. 
  4. We ensure our student teachers are given the skills to think for themselves, with access to the latest research. They are encouraged to think critically about both the latest fashion and received wisdom, working out what works for them and what is supported by the research.
  5. Student teachers undertake two contrasting placements, giving them the opportunity to learn from diverse contexts and preparing them to teach in any school. 

Our teacher training programmes