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Collaboration and co-production in psychological research

24 February 2022

The Department of Psychology and Human Development's research on autism exemplifies a strong ethos of collaboration and co-production with research stakeholders.

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In this episode, colleagues from the Centre for Research on Autism and Education (CRAE) and the Group for Research in Relationships and NeuroDiversity (GRRAND) discuss why this approach is so important to them and their work.

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Dr Laura Crane

Dr Laura Crane’s research seeks to understand the educational experiences of autistic children and young people and identify evidence-based ways to support pupils, their parents and their educators. She is passionate about engaging education professionals in research and co-designing research studies that positively impact on pupil outcomes and wellbeing. View Dr Laura Crane's research profile.

Dr Georgia Pavlopoulou

Dr Georgia Pavlopoulou has worked with autistic people and their family members in education and health settings for 20 years, particularly in relation to mental health. She works with marginalized groups, service users, scholar activists and trusts to facilitate service transformation and advance mental health practice through better cross agency collaboration, translational research and better service user participation. View Dr Georgia Pavlopoulou's research profile.