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IOE students win prestigious awards from international journal

12 February 2020

Two UCL Institute of Education (IOE) PhD students have won the Language Learning Dissertation Grant from the internationally renowned journal ‘Language Learning’.

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Danni Shi and Yeonwoo Jung are both PhD students in Applied Linguistics at the IOE, supervised by Professor Andrea Révész.

Danni’s thesis investigates how second language users’ cognitive processes change when they repeatedly watch video-based lectures. She uses eye-tracking methodology and stimulated recall to examine cognitive processes. She is also interested in students watching video-based lectures repeatedly and how this affects their understanding of the lectures and their learning of new vocabulary in the content.

Yeonwoo’s thesis examines whether using written or spoken feedback influences the extent to which second language learners develop their grammatical skills in video-conferencing contexts. Due to the unique characteristics of video-conferencing facilities, such as Skype, feedback can be presented to learners in single or multiple modes. For example, learners may receive feedback orally, in writing through a chat window, or in both modalities simultaneously. Yeonwoo investigates which of these options is most helpful in second language development. Her preliminary findings suggest that a combination of written and oral feedback works best.

The Language Learning Dissertation Grant Program supports doctoral candidates’ dissertation research in language sciences. Danni and Yeonwoo will receive up to $2,000 to cover expenses connected with the research component of the dissertation.