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Five remarkable research stories: the producers’ cut | RFTRW: S06E04

14 December 2020

The Research for the Real World production team reveal their favourite episodes from 2020, and why they think everybody should know about these research stories.

Five remarkable research stories: the producers' cut of RFTRW

Jason Ilagan, Amie Liebowitz, and Tatiana Souteiro Dias - the RFTRW production team.

In this episode, our behind the scenes production team take stock of 2020, look back at their favourite Research for the Real World episodes, and talk a little about why each research story resonates with them.

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Links to the episodes featured

  1. Alice Sullivan on the benefits of reading for pleasure, and the role longitudinal data plays to inform research findings
  2. Tejendra Pherali on education in conflict and crisis settings and moving forward post-pandemic
  3. Kate Cowan on the challenges of researching play with children
  4. Chris McManus on students and careers in medicine and how COVID-19 may have affected their aspirations
  5. Victoria Showunmi on intersectionality in Higher Education and educational leadership research