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Medical students, their career aspirations, and the pandemic | RFTRW: S02E04

29 June 2020

Dr Humera Iqbal hears from Professor Chris McManus about his research into students who pursue careers in medicine and how the COVID-19 pandemic may affect their futures.

Professor Chris McManus, Research for the Real World podcast

Research for the Real World: S02E04

Chris McManus, Professor of Psychology and Medical Education

In the Season 2 finale, Chris takes us on a journey through his work on medical education, following medical students, junior doctors and specialists throughout their medical careers, ultimately trying to find the characteristics that make good doctors.

We find out why medical education research can differ from other areas of education research, and the differences between individual medical schools - despite qualifications in the UK being regulated by the General Medical Council - the performance of graduates can vary depending on which school they attended.

Humera and Chris also discuss the potential consequences the COVID-19 pandemic will have on recent graduates, the medical profession, and student selection during a time of cancelled exams and predicted grades.

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