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Black identity, intersectionality and leadership in education, research and beyond | RFTRW: S05E01

5 October 2020

Talking about race can be at times difficult, challenging and uncomfortable, but it has to be done.

Dr Victoria Showunmi, Research for the Real World podcast

Dr Victoria Showunmi, Lecturer in Education

In her discussion with Dr Humera Iqbal, Dr Victoria Showunmi talks about her personal journey, experiences and research into gender identity and race in the context of leadership, and the implications for the experiences of learners and educators. Her work has gained international recognition and has also resulted in collaborations with fellow researchers across Europe, the Americas, Africa and Asia.

Dr Showunmi shares insights into her work with Black girls and young women’s experiences of education and her thoughts into what students today expect from institutions as society continues to demand social change, inspired by movements and moments like Black Lives Matter, COVID-19 and #MeToo. 

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