Wellcome / EPSRC Centre for Interventional and Surgical Sciences


Human Factors Platform

The human factors platform works with engineers, clinicians and (where possible) patients to ensure that products developed in WEISS are fit for purpose.

This platform has two core focuses:

  • Understanding clinician’s and patient’s needs – through surveys, focus groups, interviews, observations, contextual inquiries, and task analysis
  • Ensuring that medical devices are fit for purpose – by conducting workshops with intended users, cognitive walkthroughs, heuristic evaluation, usability studies, user experience evaluations, and ‘in the wild’ evaluation

Our platform links directly with other WEISS platforms to improve efficiency, effectiveness, satisfaction, and safety of technology being developed within the Centre. This work aims to expand understanding of how technology can be best implemented within healthcare settings and improve user interaction with healthcare technology.

Utilising the various professions of WEISS members, we are able to engage with clinicians and engineers to facilitate collaborative and iterative development of medical devices that are compliant with regulatory bodies in preparation for production.