Wellcome / EPSRC Centre for Interventional and Surgical Sciences


Research Platforms

Ten fundamental research platforms link the Centre's interdisciplinary and cross-faculty groups:
Endoscopic Imaging and Vision

Endoscopic Imaging and Vision

Translate computational techniques developed for endoscopic imaging into clinical systems that form part of first-in-man studies.

Surgical Robotics image

Surgical and Interventional Robotic Assistants

Develop and link robotic assistants to imaging and sensing devices and to the algorithm capabilities within the Centre.

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Surgical Navigation Platform with Python

Focus is on software components to facilitate tracking, image acquisition using devices such as ultrasound or video capture, calibration and real-time processing. 

Simulation Platform image

Simulation platform for the development of new surgical devices and optimisation of personalised clinical procedures

Development of novel surgical tools and techniques and for the optimisation of personalised clinical procedures will bridge the gap between theory/concept and practice for development of new tools and clinical techniques. 

Photoacoustic Imaging

Photoacoustic Imaging Instrumentation

Photoacoustic imaging will be translated for use in interventional medicine. This will be achieved by engineering the instrumentation so that it is suitable for first-in-man use for guiding fetal surgery, laparoscopic liver surgery and pre-treatment planning for cancer management.

all optical ultrasound image

Optical ultrasound catheters for interventional imaging

High frequency, miniature ultrasound catheters can be invaluable for guiding minimally invasive medical procedures by visualising tissue from within the human body.

Miniature sensors

Miniature Sensors and Nanoengineered Coatings

The vision in this platform is to underpin a transformation in surgical and interventional field by exploiting innovations in miniature, multiplexed and multimodal sensing and nanoengineered surface treatment strategies.

ISL Platform Image

Intraoperative Sensor Localisation

The Intraoperative Sensor Localisation (ISL) platform focuses on the translation of these techniques to computer assisted navigation, anatomy reconstruction, and multi-modal sensor fusion

in4it platform

Inference for Intervention Translation

This platform will develop a software suite with custom-tested hardware for deploying modern machine learning algorithms in intervention and surgery.

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Human Factors

The Human Factors platform links directly with other WEISS platforms to improve efficiency, effectiveness, satisfaction, and safety of technology being developed within the Centre.