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RTIC group present at International Symposium of Biomedical Imaging (ISBI)

5 May 2023

Jamie presenting to an audience at ISBI

The Radiotherapy Imaging Computing (RTIC) group from UCL attended the International Symposium of Biomedical Imaging (ISBI) in April. The symposium was held in Cartagena, Colombia. Assoc Prof Jamie McClelland, a co-principal investigator of RTIC, said: “ISBI 23 was a great experience for the RTIC group, allowing us to present and discuss our work and opinions, network with other researchers, and have a lot of fun!” Poppy Nikou, a PhD student in the RTIC group, wrote about her experience of attending ISBI 23 in Columbia:

“The conference included an industrial day and a clinical day, piecing together how the research presented could be translated into practice. Prof McClelland co-organised a special session on “How image computing can make a real impact in the radiotherapy workflow” alongside colleagues from the radiotherapy research group at the Christie Hospital, Manchester. The session was followed by a discussion on where the key areas for future development are within the field.

Assoc Prof McClelland also gave a talk at the Machine Learning for Health (ML4H) workshop, which the University of Antioquia hosted before the conference. The talk was titled “Opportunities, challenges and pitfalls for AI in radiotherapy”. The workshop sparked many questions and discussions and helped create potential new collaborations with the university in Medellin.

Several RTIC PhD students presented at the ISBI conference:

  • Yuliang Huang - “Surrogate-drive motion model for motion compensated cone-beam CT reconstruction using unsorted projection data” on the conference’s final day.
  • Alkisti Stavropoulou - “Automating image analysis pipelines for large-scale studies of radiation induced lung damage” at a poster session.
  • Poppy Nikou - “Modelling anatomical changes during radiotherapy treatment” at a poster session.

These presentations were an excellent opportunity to discuss ideas, gain valuable suggestions and showcase our research to the wider medical imaging computing community.

Overall, the conference was a brilliant experience for the RTIC research group. There were many thought-provoking keynote speakers, and fascinating technical work was presented in the oral and poster presentations. It allowed for networking opportunities with new research groups and enforced existing collaborations with groups in the field. And, of course, Colombia was amazing!”