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NIHR Incubator launched for Advanced Surgical Technology

20 August 2020

Four new NIHR Incubators have been formed to support and advocate academic research careers, including one in the field of advanced surgical technology.


The NIHR Incubators encourage networking, training and career development support in areas that need a community driven approach to increase academic research capacity.

The Advanced Surgical Technology Incubator has been created to develop a vibrant, highly skilled, multi-disciplinary operating theatre research workforce working across clinical, academic and commercial domains. It is a national clinical-scientific-industrial consortium including the Royal College of Surgeons, NIHR Brain Injury MedTech Co-operative and NIHR Surgical MedTech Co-operative, and aims to increase research capacity and future leadership training for those who will shape and deliver research into surgical technology, with a special focus on the challenges of the post-Covid-19 landscape.

Prof Martin Birchall (Director of the Advanced Surgical Technology Incubator and Professor of Laryngology at UCL) said: 

"Promoting the best UK surgical research through developing surgeons, nurses and theatre staff, the NIHR Academy Incubator for Advanced Surgical Technology will accelerate advance in operating technology and robotics for the benefit of NHS patients and UK plc."

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