Wellcome / EPSRC Centre for Interventional and Surgical Sciences


Wellcome / EPSRC Centre for Interventional and Surgical Sciences (WEISS)

By combining the strength of engineering and clinical sciences at UCL, WEISS aims to ensure that innovative engineering solutions are reaching the clinic to benefit patients. 

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At the Wellcome/EPSRC Centre for Interventional and Surgical Sciences (WEISS), engineers, clinicians and scientists work together to develop technologies that enable safer and more effective treatments for patients across a wide range of conditions.  

The Centre is based at Charles Bell House, a building that brings together researchers from a wide range of departments at UCL, including Medical Physics and Biomedical Engineering, Computer Science and Mechanical Engineering. These academic researchers work in partnership with clinical researchers from areas such as the UCL Division of Surgery & Interventional Sciences and leading hospitals. 

At WEISS, research is being developed with a wide range of clinical applications in mind, including cardiovascular, paediatric, ophthalmic, neurological and urological surgical interventions. In particular, the Centre aims to advance engineering sciences in intraoperative imaging and sensing, data fusion and extraction, human-technology interfaces, tissue modelling, interventional instrumentation, and surgical navigation.

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State of the art research is at the core of WEISS. Find out about our research groups and research platforms.

Robotics and AI MSc Program

MSc Medical Robotics and Artificial Intelligence

Find out more about our postgraduate course: MSc Medical Robotics and Artificial Intelligence. 

Public Engagement


Two-way dialogue with public and patient groups provides opportunities for mutual learning.



Our Centre colocates engineers, clinicians and computer scientists at Charles Bell House. 


Advanced Surgical Technology

The NIHR Incubator for Advanced Surgical Technology has been created to develop a vibrant, multi-disciplinary, advanced surgical technologies research community.

WEISS Open Research

WEISS Open Research

WEISS encourages open research and science with a focus on reproducibility. This platform showcases WEISS-produced open-source datasets, publications and software tools.

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Quality Management

Learn more about our Quality Management team and the resources they can offer to support commercialisation or the satisfaction of other regulatory requirements.

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Human Factors for Engineers

This is a resource to help improve the development of healthcare products by including human factors methods in-line with engineering processes.

Join us 

Take a look at our existing jobs and PhD vacancies here and contact weiss-vacancies@ucl.ac.uk with general enquiries. 

If you are interested in an informal discussion regarding the scientific content of our vacancies, please email Dr Su-Lin Lee, Head of Operations, su-lin.lee@ucl.ac.uk or Professor Danail Stoyanov, danail.stoyanov@ucl.ac.uk