UCL EPSRC Centre for Doctoral Training in Intelligent Integrated Imaging in Healthcare



We have a dedicated management team and a pool of over 100 supervisors with world-leading medical, engineering and computing expertise in imaging sciences.

The success of our CDT is made possible by the strong network of researchers, clinicians and high-achieving students, all steered by a strong management team.

Centre staff

The centre is managed, under the directorship of Dr Gary Zhang, by a team of academics drawn from both engineering and clinical disciplines. The management team runs the centre day to day.


The Centre Director takes overall responsibility for the training programme and chairs management meetings and various events associated with the program.

Dr Gary Zhanggary.zhang@ucl.ac.uk

Gary Zhang

Deputy Director

The Deputy Director, assisted by the Centre Administrator, oversees many of the day-to-day activities including website maintenance, advertising, recruitment, scheduling, student management, teaching and exam coordination, and project/supervisor assignment.

Dr Matt Clarksonm.clarkson@ucl.ac.uk

Matt Clarkson

Industry and Entrepreneur Liason 

The Industry and Entrepreneurship Liaison seeks industry input, sponsorship and advises students on industry placements.

Prof Kris Thielemans, k.thielemans@ucl.ac.uk


CDT Student Tutor

The Student Tutor is responsible for fostering a positive learnng envrionment and providing assistance to students to help their achievements.

Ivana Drobnjak, i.drobnjak@ucl.ac.uk


Centre Manager

The Centre Manager is responsible for the administration of the CDT programme and application process.

Teresa Dawkins (maternity cover), Rebecca Holmes (maternity leave), cdtadmin@ucl.ac.uk

Teresa Dawkins

Communications Manager and Marketing Officer

Responsible for supporting internal and external communications relating to the CDT and the evening seminar series.

Georgina Cade, g.cade@ucl.ac.uk and Alice Hardy, a.hardy@ucl.ac.uk

Georgina Cade


UCL is home to cutting-edge research in imaging, image computing, artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning for healthcare innovations. By joining our CDT, you will have the opportunity to work with world-leaders in the field and, through our direct clinical links, create transformative technologies that make a real impact on patients’ lives.
Dr Gary Zhang, Centre Director


Each student is allocated a clinical supervisor and at least one non-clinical supervisor. Our team is made up of staff members from UCL and their affiliated institutes and hospitals. 

See our non-clinical supervisors 
Daniel Alexanderd.alexander@ucl.ac.ukUCL Centre for Medical Image Computing
Andre Altmanna.altmann@ucl.ac.ukUCL Centre for Medical Image Computing
Simon Arridge
UCL Centre for Medical Image Computing
John Ashburnerj.ashburner@ucl.ac.ukUCL Wellcome Trust Centre for Neuroimaging
David Atkinsond.atkinson@ucl.ac.ukUCL Centre for Medical Imaging
Stavroula Balabanis.balabani@ucl.ac.ukUCL Department of Mechanical Engineering
Anna Barnesanna.p.barnes@ucl.ac.ukUCL Institute of Nuclear Medicine
Gareth Barnesg.barnes@ucl.ac.ukUCL Institute of Neurology
Dean Barrattd.barratt@ucl.ac.ukUCL Centre for Medical Image Computing
Paul Beardpaul.beard@ucl.ac.ukUCL Department of Medical Physics and Biomedical Engineering
Marta Betckem.betcke@ucl.ac.ukUCL Centre for Medical Image Computing
Martina Callaghanm.callaghan@ucl.ac.ukUCL Institute of Neurology
Chris Clarkchristopher.clark@ucl.ac.ukUCL Institute of Child Health
Jonathan Claydenj.clayden@ucl.ac.ukUCL Institute of Child Health
Matt Clarksonm.clarkson@ucl.ac.ukUCL Department of Medical Physics and biomedical engineering
Robert Cooperrobert.cooper@ucl.ac.ukUCL Department of Medical Physics and Biomedical Engineering
Ben Coxb.cox@ucl.ac.ukUCL Department of Medical Physics and Biomedical Engineering
Adrien Desjardinsa.desjardins@ucl.ac.ukUCL Department of Medical Physics and Biomedical Engineering
Vanessa Diazv.diaz@ucl.ac.ukUCL Department of Mechanical Engineering
John Dicksonjohn.dickson@ucl.ac.ukUCL Institute of Nuclear Medicine
Ivana Drobnjaki.drobnjak@ucl.ac.ukUCL Centre for Medical Image Computing
Clare Elwellc.elwell@ucl.ac.ukUCL Department of Medical Physics and Biomedical Engineering
Marco Endrizzim.endrizzi@ucl.ac.ukUCL Department of Medical Physics and Biomedical Engineering
David Gadiand.gadian@ucl.ac.ukUCL Institute of Cognitive Neuroscience
Adam Gibsonadam.gibson@ucl.ac.ukUCL Department of Medical Physics and Biomedical Engineering
Xavier Golayx.golay@ucl.ac.ukUCL Institute of Neurology
James Guggenheimj.guggenheim@ucl.ac.ukUCL Department of Medical Physics and Biomedical Engineering
David Hawkesd.hawkes@ucl.ac.ukUCL Centre for Medical Image Computing
Jem Hebdenj.hebden@ucl.ac.ukUCL Department of Medical Physics and Biomedical Engineering
Yipeng Huyipeng.hu@ucl.ac.ukUCL Centre for Medical Image Computing
Brian Huttonb.hutton@ucl.ac.ukUCL Institute of Nuclear Medicine
Juan Eugenio Iglesiase.iglesias@ucl.ac.ukUCL Centre for Medical Image Computing
Bangti Jinb.jin@ucl.ac.ukUCL Centre for Medical Image Computing
Louis Lemieuxlouis.lemieux@ucl.ac.ukUCL Institute of Neurology
Terence Leungt.leung@ucl.ac.ukUCL Department of Medical Physics and Biomedical Engineering
Mark Lythgoem.lythgoe@ucl.ac.ukUCL Centre for Advanced Biomedical Imaging
Tammy Kalbert.kalber@ucl.ac.ukUCL Centre for Advanced Biomedical Imaging
J Mourao-Mirandaj.mourao-miranda@ucl.ac.ukUCL Department of Computer Science
Jamie McClellandj.mclelland@ucl.ac.ukUCL Centre for Medical Image Computing
Peter Munrop.munro@ucl.ac.ukUCL Department of Medical Physics and Biomedical Engineering
Alessandro Olivoa.olivo@ucl.ac.ukUCL Department of Medical Physics and Biomedical Engineering
Laura Panagiotakie.panagiotaki@ucl.ac.ukUCL Department of Computer Science
Geoff Parkergeoff.parker@ucl.ac.ukUCL Department of Computer Science
Gary Royleg.royle@ucl.ac.ukUCL Department of Medical Physics and Biomedical Engineering
Nader Saffarin.saffari@ucl.ac.ukUCL Department of Mechanical Engineering
Silvia Schievanos.schievano@ucl.ac.ukUCL Institute of Child Health
Rebecca Shipleyrebecca.shipley@ucl.ac.ukUCL Department of Mechanical Engineering
Karin Shmuelik.shmueli@ucl.ac.ukUCL Department of Medical Physics and Biomedical Engineering
Danail Stoyanovdanail.stoyanov@ucl.ac.ukUCL Centre for Medical Image Computing
Daniel Stuckeyd.stuckey@ucl.ac.ukUCL Centre for Advanced Biomedical Imaging
Ilias Tachtsidisi.tachtsidis@ucl.ac.ukUCL Department of Medical Physics and Biomedical Engineering
Paul Taylorp.taylor@ucl.ac.ukUCL Centre for Health Informatics & Multiprofessional Development
Kris Thielemansk.thielemans@ucl.ac.ukUCL Institute of Nuclear Medicine
David Thomasd.thomas@ucl.ac.ukUCL Institute of Neurology
John Thorntonjst@medphys.ucl.ac.ukUCLH Lysholm Department of Neuroradiology
Ryo Toriir.torii@ucl.ac.ukUCL Department of Mechanical Engineering
Bradley Treebyb.treeby@ucl.ac.ukUCL Department of Medical Physics and Biomedical Engineering
Manish Tiwarim.tiwari@ucl.ac.ukUCL Department of Mechanical Engineering
Catarina Veigac.veiga@ucl.ac.ukUCL Centre for Medical Image Computing
Yiannis Ventikosy.ventikos@ucl.ac.ukUCL Department of Mechanical Engineering
Simon Walker-Samuelsimon.walkersamuel@ucl.ac.ukUCL Centre for Advanced Biomedical Imaging
Claudia Wheeler-Kingshottc.wheeler-kingshott@ucl.ac.ukUCL Institute of Neurology
Gary Zhanggary.zhang@ucl.ac.ukUCL Centre for Medical Image Computing
James Cole james.cole@ucl.ac.ukUCL Department of Computer Science
Sjoerd Voss.vos@ucl.ac.ukUCL Department of Computer Science 
Neil Oxtoby n.oxtoby@ucl.ac.uk UCL Department of Computer Science 
Delmiro Fernandez-Reyesdelmiro.fernandez-reyes@ucl.ac.ukUCL Department of Computer Science 
Jennifer Steeden jennifer.steeden@ucl.ac.ukInstitute of Cardiovascular Science
See our clinical supervisors 
Obiekezie  Aguobiekezie.agu@uclh.nhs.uk Royal Free Hospital
Richard  Amosrichard.amos@uclh.nhs.ukUCLH Proton Beam Therapy Physics
George  Attilakosgeorge.attilakos@uclh.nhs.ukFetal Medicine Unit UCLH
Kristian  AquilinaMarion.Exley@gosh.nhs.ukGreat Ormond Street Hospital
Owen  Arthursowen.arthurs@gosh.nhs.ukUCL Institute of Child Health
Topun  Austintopun.austin@ucl.ac.ukAddenbrooke's Hospital
Torsten  Baldewegt.baldeweg@ucl.ac.ukUCL Institute of Child Health
Frederik  Barkhoff.barkhof@ucl.ac.ukUCL Institute of Health Eng and UCL Institute of Neurology
Paul  Cathcartpaul.cathcart@uclh.nhs.ukUniversity College London Hospital
Jeremy Chatawayj.chataway@ucl.ac.ukNational Hospital for Neurology and Neurosurgery
Olga Ciccarellio.ciccarelli@ucl.ac.ukUCL Institute of Neurology
Francesca Cordeirom.cordeiro@ucl.ac.ukUCL Institute of Ophthalmology
Helen Cross Crossh.cross@ucl.ac.ukUCL Institute of Child Health
Sebastian  Crutchs.crutch@ucl.ac.ukUCL Institute of Neurology
Brian Davidsonb.davidson@ucl.ac.ukUCL Research Department of General Surgery
Anna  Davida.david@ucl.ac.ukUCL Institute for Women's Health
Paolo De Coppip.decoppi@ucl.ac.ukUCL Institute of Child Health / Great Ormond Street Hospital
Jan Deprestj.deprest@ucl.ac.ukKU Leuven
Beate Diehlb.diehl@ucl.ac.ukUCLH Neurology and Neurosurgery
John Duncanj.duncan@ucl.ac.ukUCL Institute of Neurology
Mark Embertonm.emberton@ucl.ac.ukUCL Research Department of Urology
Nick Foxn.fox@ucl.ac.ukUCL Institute of Neurology
Francesco  Fraiolif.fraioli@ucl.ac.uk University College London Hospital
Mark Gazemark.gaze@uclh.nhs.uk University College London Hospital
Ashley GrovesAshley.Groves@uclh.nhs.ukUCLH Institute of Nuclear Medicine
Kurinchi Gurusamyk.gurusamy@ucl.ac.ukRoyal Free Hospital
Steve Halligans.halligan@ucl.ac.ukUCL Centre for Medical Imaging
Mike Hannam.hanna@ucl.ac.ukUCL Institute of Neurology
Darren HargraveDarren.Hargrave@gosh.nhs.ukGreat Ormond Street Hospital
Alister Harta.hart@ucl.ac.ukUCL and RNOH
David Holderd.holder@ucl.ac.ukUniversity College London and UCL Hospitals
Alun Hughesalun.hughes@ucl.ac.ukUCL Institute of Cardiovascular Science
John Hurstj.hurst@ucl.ac.ukUCL Division of Medicine
Rowland Illingrowland.illing@uclh.nhs.ukUCLH - Interventional Oncology Service
Rolf Jagerr.jager@ucl.ac.ukUCL Institute of Neurology
Pearse Keane p.keane@ucl.ac.ukMoorfields Eye Hospital
John Kellyj.d.kelly@ucl.ac.ukUCL Research Department of General Surgery
Neil Kitchen neil.kitchen@uclh.nhs.ukUniversity College London Hospital
Mathhias Koeppm.koepp@ucl.ac.ukUCL Institute of Neurology
Alexander Kraskova.kraskov@ucl.ac.ukUCL Institute of Neurology
David Linchdavid.linch@ucl.ac.ukUCL Research Department of Haematology
Laurence Lovatl.lovat@ucl.ac.ukUCL - Research Department of General Surgery
Neil Marlown.marlow@ucl.ac.ukUCL Institute of Women's Health
Andrew McEvoya.mcevoy@ucl.ac.ukUCL Institute of Neurology
Tara Mastraccirf.aorticreferrals@nhs.netRoyal Free Hospital
Simon Meads.mead@ucl.ac.ukUCL Institute of Neurology
Judith Meekj.meek@ucl.ac.ukUniversity College London Hospital
Leon Menezesleon.menezes@uclh.nhs.ukUCLH Nuclear Medicine
Caroline Moorecaroline.moore@ucl.ac.uk University College London Hospital
David Millerleon.menezes@uclh.nhs.ukUCL Institute of Neurology
Jasper Morrowj.morrow@ucl.ac.uk UCL Institute of Neurology
Parashkev Nachevp.nachev@ucl.ac.ukUCL Institute of Neurology
Christopher O'Callaghanc.ocallaghan@ucl.ac.ukInstitute of Child Health and GOSH
Carlos Pavesioc.pavesio@ucl.ac.ukMoorfields Eye Hospital
Praveen Patelpraveen.patel@moorfields.nhs.ukUCL Institute of Ophthalmology
Donald Peeblesd.peebles@ucl.ac.ukUCL Institute of Women's Health
Douglas Pendsedoug.pendse@ucl.ac.ukUCL Centre for Medical Imaging
Steve Perierastephen.pereira@ucl.ac.ukUCLH and Royal Free Hospital
Massimo Pinzanim.pinzani@ucl.ac.ukUCL Institute for Liver and Digestive Health
Andrew Plumbandrew.plumb@ucl.ac.ukFaculty of Medicine
Martin Pulemartin.pule@ucl.ac.ukUCL Cancer Institute
Shonit Punwanis.punwani@ucl.ac.ukUCL Centre for Medical Imaging
Tom Quicktom.quick@rnoh.nhs.ukRoyal National Orthopaedic Hospital
Nikki Robertsonn.robertson@ucl.ac.ukUCL Institute for Women’s Health
Jonathan Rohrerj.rohrer@ucl.ac.ukUCL Institute of Neurology
Jonathan Schottj.schott@ucl.ac.ukUCL Institute of Neurology
Anette-Eleonore Schraga.schrag@ucl.ac.ukUCL Institute of Neurology
Sobha Sivaprasads.sivaprasad@ucl.ac.ukMoorfields Eye Hospital
Martin Smithmartin.smith@ucl.ac.ukUCLH
Ashwin Sridhara.sridhar@ucl.ac.ukUCLH
Alistair Storyalistairstory@gmail.comUCLH
Sarah Tabrizis.tabrizi@ucl.ac.ukUCL Institute of Neurology
Andrew Taylora.taylor76@ucl.ac.ukUCL Institute of Child Health
Stuart Taylorstuart.taylor@ucl.ac.ukUCL Centre for Medical Imaging
Martin TisdallBianca.Fraser@gosh.nhs.ukGreat Ormond Street Hospital
Ahmed Toosya.toosy@ucl.ac.ukNational Hospital for Neurology and Neurosurgery and Moorfields Eye Hospital
Adnan Tufailadnan.tufail@ucl.ac.ukUCL Institute of Ophthalmology
Matthew Walkerm.walker@ucl.ac.ukUCL Institute of Neurology
Jason Warrenjason.warren@ucl.ac.ukUCL Institute of Neurology
David Werringd.werring@ucl.ac.ukUCL Institute of Neurology
Tarek Yousryt.yousry@ucl.ac.ukUCL Institute of Neurology
Ludvic Zrinzol.zrinzo@ucl.ac.ukUCL Institute of Neurology


Our students come from a range of backgrounds but they all have a dedication and a passion for the medical imaging field in common. 


Academic board 

The academic board consists of the theme leaders and other advisers on the CDT. The board are involved in the steering of the centre and the recruitment process.