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Recent Papers

(2023) Laurette Bukasa, Mario Cortina-Borja, Helen Peters, Graham P. Taylor, Claire Thorne. JIAS

(2022) Virginia Rasi, Helen Peters, Rebecca Sconza, Kate Francis, Laurette Bukasa, Claire Thorne, Mario Cortina-Borja. HIV Medicine 

(2021) Hajra Okhai, Shema Tariq, Fiona Burns, Yvonne Gilleece, Rageshri Dhairyawan, Teresa Hill, Helen Peters, Claire Thorne, Caroline Sabin. The Lancet HIV

(2020) Jasmini Algaratnam, Helen Peters, Kate Francis, Natasha Kay, Yvonne Gilleece, Fionnula P. Finnerty, Rosanna E. Grimes, Sarah Parry, Mags Portman, Brenton C. Wait, Rimi Shah, Sherie Roedling, David A. Hawkins, Sarah Chitty, Liat Sarner, Rebecca Marcus, Anna Hartley, Achyuta V. Nori, Melanie Rosenvinge, Graham Taylor.  On behalf of the London HIV Perinatal Research Group. AIDS Res Ther

(2019) Elizabeth Chappell, Hermione Lyall, Andrew Riordan, Claire Thorne, Caroline Foster, Karina Butler, Katia Prime, Alasdair Bamford, Helen Peters, Ali Judd, Intira J Collins.  On behalf of the Collaborative HIV Paediatric Study Steering Committee. JIAS 

(2019) G Favarato, CL Townsend, H Peters, R Sconza, H Bailey, Cortina-Borja M,  P Tookey, C Thorne. JAIDS.

(2018). H Peters, C Thorne, PA Tookey and L Byrne. HIV Medicine.

(2018). G Favarato, C Townsend, H Bailey, H Peters, P Tookey, G Taylor and C Thorne. AIDS.

(2017). L Byrne, R Sconza, C Foster, P Tookey, M Cortina-Borja and C Thorne. AIDS.

(2017). S Raffe, H Curtis, P Tookey, H Peters, A Freedman, Y Gilleece and on behalf of the British HIV Association Audit and Standards Sub-Committee. BMC Infect Dis.

(2017). H Peters, K Francis, K Harding, P Tookey and C Thorne. EJOG.

(2017). H Peters, K Francis, R Sconza, A Horn, C Peckham, P Tookey and C Thorne. CID.