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IAS Think Pieces: About us

IAS Think Pieces is a twice-yearly review that addresses the substantial academic research programme hosted at UCL Institute of Advanced Studies (IAS).

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1 May 2019

Each issue of Think Pieces is devoted to one of our two annual research themes, and represents varied, cutting-edge research and thinking in forms accessible to a broad and heterogeneous audience. We aim to include a variety of materials, including short articles, interviews, book reviews, creative writing, art works, and photographs. Contributions to Think Pieces are research-driven, ideas-led, and creative in the broadest sense. Taking its lead from the IAS, Think Pieces embraces interdisciplinarity and prides itself on enabling conversations between scholars working in and across a wide range of fields.   

Our research themes  in 2017–2018 were ‘Vulnerability’ and ‘Lies’, and in 2018–2019 are ‘Turbulence’ and ‘Laughter’, which will constitute our second and third issues. Themes are understood and explored in the widest possible terms. Think Pieces is published online as part of IAS Talk Pieces, which includes sound archives and filmed footage.