MSc Advanced Materials Science

Materials Discovery

Why this MSc?

This MSc programme has been tailored-made to provide you with the scientific and commercial expertise in advanced materials to design innovative, problem solving, sustainable materials for the commercial world. 

The IMD has a wide range of industrial connections from various sectors: from aviation to oil and gas, solar energy to biomedical. You will gain first-hand insight from these industrial experts through guest lecturers and research projects.

For the complete course details visit the UCL Course Prospectus. To apply, go to our applications page here.


Hear what our students have to say about their MSc experience:

Dongsheng Wen
Dongsheng Wen


This course has well-structured teaching and research patterns. In addition, all the staffs are understanding and always welcome your visit during office hour, which makes you feel that you are not fighting alone.

I spent my first study-abroad year at IMD of UCL and it was encouraging and inspiring. To help me thrive in my career goal of becoming a scientist, faculties at IMD have offered me their great support from letters of recommendation to technical training. And within this year of perseverance, I received and accepted a Ph.D. positon offer from Purdue University which is a new adventure I am about to start.

Alexandre Zoetelief Tromp
Alexandre Zoetelief Tromp


Having graduated from Imperial College with a degree in Materials Science with Management, I was thrilled to be accepted into the MSc course in Advanced Materials Science and Engineering. At first I was worried about how I would settle in to UCL and whether I would enjoy the courses at the IMD. Safe to say there was no reason for me to worry! I thoroughly enjoyed every bit of my year at the Institute. The combination of lab work and specialised courses exposed me to new scientific domains and interactions with some of the most prestigious researchers in the materials science world.

Zeyang Xu
Zeyang Xu

"It is really a precious and unforgettable chance to study MSc Advanced Materials Science in IMD, UCL. All the students and staff are really nice here. My research project is Electrospun Chitosan Nanofibers for Biomedical Applications. It gave me an excellent platform to have a further and deeper understanding of electrospinning, based on my undergraduate study."