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Why this MSc?
Study in UCL IMD

Our MSc programmes have been designed to provide you with scientific and commercial expertise in advanced materials to design innovative, problem-solving, sustainable materials for the commercial world. Whether you’ve got a  background in science, computing, mathematics, technology or other engineering disciplines, studying this course will give you the specialist skills and know-how needed to pursue a career in the fast-moving international materials industry.

Taught by leading researchers in world-class facilities, you will gain a broad knowledge base of advanced manufacturing processes and the role of materials sciences play in these and will be introduced to all the latest developments. This MSc also allows you to choose optional modules to focus your specialism to suit your own career plans and interests.

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Hear what our students have to say about their MSc experience:

End of the year party (2021-2022)

Muhammad Hakeem Bin Noor Azleen (2021-2022 Cohort)

I was able to specialise in batteries, which involves materials science, thanks to this MSc course at UCL, a highly regarded university. I entered with very little battery expertise but the teaching team gave me good support, and I was exposed to the most recent advancements in the materials science world. The curriculum provided me with a wide knowledge of materials science whilst letting me specialise in Li-ion batteries for my research. My time at UCL was valuable and I still keep in touch with my supervisor and my coursemates sharing helpful insights.

Lauren Levine (2021-2022 Cohort)

What drew me to study at UCL in this department was the ability to specialise in a particular research area of materials science, from which there are many to choose from here. Having a diverse and multicultural study environment with students and academics from different backgrounds provides the grounding for novel approaches and collaboration. I enjoyed the lecture content and found it relevant and interesting, examining underlying principles to tackle real world problems. Having dedicated lab time during the summer provided a chance to put into practice the knowledge learnt throughout the course. The level of support I received throughout the course was excellent and beneficial to my growth, both academically and professionally. I credit my study at UCL IMD to gaining the specific skills needed for my current graduate job.