At IMD (Institute of Materials Discovery), our primary mission is to pave the way for a sustainable future by developing cutting-edge advanced materials. We are dedicated to addressing the pressing challenges in energy, healthcare, telecommunications, transportation, and data-driven innovation.


Building Bridges: Connecting Knowledge to Innovation

At the IMD (Institute of Materials Discovery), we stand at the crossroads of academia, the global academic community, and the industrial sector. This unique position enables us to seamlessly integrate fundamental science, sustainability, economic viability, and technology transfer into the heart of materials development.

Our unmatched advantage lies in our affiliation with both the prestigious UCL Bloomsbury and UCL East campuses. This dynamic combination empowers the IMD to delve deep into fundamental materials research while also exploring scalable possibilities within a world-class environment. Explore our state-of-the-art equipment and facilities here.

Our primary objective is to serve as a bridge, uniting the worlds of academic research and commercial business. With an unwavering focus on commercial necessity and the potential for technological advancement, we build relationships that resonate with our vision. From healthcare to energy, aviation to the built environment, the IMD is steadfast in its commitment to deliver groundbreaking materials that shape the future.

Join us in this journey of discovery, innovation, and transformation as we champion the convergence of knowledge and innovation.

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Bloomsbury: UCL, Institute for Materials Discovery | 107 Roberts Building | Malet Place | London | WC1E 7JE

UCL East, Institute for Materials Discovery East | Room 711 Marshgate Building | 7 Sidings Street | Stratford | London | E20 2AE

+44 (0)20 7679 1335