Forge Your Future in Materials Science

Are you aspiring to be a materials scientist or engineer? Whether your path leads you to academia or industry, our MSc Advanced Materials Science programs offer vital materials-research experience.
  • Our MSc programs offer scientific and commercial expertise to design innovative, sustainable materials for the global market. Whether your background is in science, technology, computing, or engineering, this MSc equips you with specialist skills for the dynamic international materials industry.
  • In our program, you'll cultivate enhanced transferable skills through real-life case studies and student-led group projects. This includes analyzing academic and commercial landscapes, mastering critical data analysis, fostering teamwork and communication. You'll also develop managerial skills, collaborating with academic experts and industry leaders on commercial product development, project management, problem-solving, creative innovation, and gaining fundamental financial knowledge.
  • Taught by top researchers in world-class facilities, you'll gain broad knowledge of advanced manufacturing and materials science. Customize your path with optional modules to align with your career aspirations.

Join us to ignite your journey in advanced materials!

Study Materials Discovery

Advanced Materials Science MSc

This route molds future materials scientists and entrepreneurs to create novel materials with advanced properties, tackling critical challenges of the world (i.e., environmental, health-related, or technological challenges) and translating scientific breakthroughs into the commercial realm. Join us for a transformative journey in materials science. 



Study Materials Discovery

Advanced Materials Science (Data-driven Innovation) MSc

Join our program to discover how data-driven methods can revolutionize materials design and discovery. Uncover the power of Processing-Structure-Properties-Performance (PSPP) relationships for cutting-edge materials advancements. Shape the future of materials science with us.

Study Materials Discovery

Advanced Materials Science (Energy Storage) MSc

Unlock the power of energy storage. This program educates the essential foundations and practical facets of energy generation and storage, shaping future materials scientists and entrepreneurs. Gain the expertise to craft innovative materials, addressing pressing energy and environmental issues. Embark on your path to an energy storage-powered future right here. 

Study Materials Discovery

Advanced Materials Science (Materials Innovation and Enterprise) MSc

This program grooms the future trailblazers in materials science, preparing them to transform novel materials and devices into practical real-world solutions. We tackle global challenges in industry innovation and infrastructure. Join us to shape a future of materials innovation and entrepreneurship. 

Study Materials Discovery

Advanced Materials Science (Sustainability) MSc

Join our program to become a materials scientist ready to champion critical initiatives like global net-zero emission goals. Prepare for research and discovery in sustainable resource management, aligning with government directives. Shape the future of materials science and sustainability. Your journey towards positive change begins here.

PhD Studentships

PhD Studentship Opportunities

Explore our diverse range of PhD projects in advanced materials.Your journey towards groundbreaking research starts here. 

More details will be posted here when avaliable.



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