Division of Infection and Immunity


Portfolio of studies

Find details of studies being carried out by the ICRH.

Current studies

BioAid 2019-2024Details
Human Immune Response Variant in Tuberculosis (HIRV TB)Details
Respiratory Virus Hospitalisation Study (Flu003 Plus)Details
Investigating patterns of influenza evolution in immunosuppressed patients (E3i)Details
Lateral flow assay (LFA) and reader for malaria detectionDetails
Feasibility of a serological assay for malaria eliminationDetails
Identification and validation of the determinants of variation in T cell immunity (TCV-BCG) tuningDetails
Tuning the immune response in tuberculosisDetails

Past studies

Adjunctive Rifampicin to reduce early mortality from Staphylococcus aureus bacteremia (ARREST) 
ARISE Vitamin D 
ARISE Losmapimod 
Characterisation of Mucosally Transmitted HIV-1 Founder Viruses 
ENCEPH-UK cohort studies 
Fever @ The Front Door pilot study 
FLU-IVIG (intravenous immunoglobulin) 
Gut Bacteria in Travellers (GUTBACK) 
Are polymorphisms associated with HSV and VZV encephalitis 
Peripheral blood transcriptional profiling in HIV 
The pathogenesis and immune responses to Varicella Zoster Virus in Herpes Zoster study 
Infectious diseases in Europe and Africa - IDEA study 
Latent Tuberculosis: Evaluating the transcriptomic response to treatment 
Accurate monitoring of Malarial DNA titres in patients post treatment 
Defining protective immunity to human tuberculosis 
Reversing the effects of ageing in the cutaneous immune system 
Leprosy study 
HIV-1 viral reservoir following chemotherapy 
HIV-TST study 
Comprehensive assessment of host and viral factors associated with HIV-1 elite control 
Malaria DNA - Accurate monitoring of malarial DNA titres in patients post treatment 
Protective immunity to tuberculosis extrapolated from challenge by TST (Protect TB) 
Strong Treat 1 to 4 
Multifunctional Integrated Microsystem for Rapid Point-of-Care TB Identification (TB MIMIC)