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Human Immune Response Variation in Tuberculosis

Human Immune Response Variant in Tuberculosis (HIRV TB).


Human Immune Response Variation in Tuberculosis - HIRV TB, is looking into how and why immune responses to tuberculosis differ between people and to evaluate a new blood test that may be able to identify TB disease before people develop the disease.

This study is a collaborative project between UCL and several London NHS trusts. HIRV TB aims to recruit 1000 patients over four years, who have been referred to TB clinic from GP, Occupational Health, Contact tracing or migrant screening. Participants will be asked to consent to have Tst skin test, blood samples, skin samples and clinical information collected within HIRV TB.

Samples will be used to measure immune responses to relevant TB and how differences in these responses are related to differences in the genetic (DNA) code.

Part of this study is to evaluate the use of TB biomarkers which measures the levels of specific genes, which are known to change before people become unwell with TB.

Access to these collections will be provided to research investigators under the terms of material and data sharing agreements. Identifiable patient information will not be disclosed.


Professor Mahdad Noursadeghi (Chief Investigator)
University College London & University College London Hospitals NHS Trust

Dr Rishi Gupta
University College London


SiteDate openedFirst recruit
Whittington Health NHS Trust26 June 201824 July 2018
Royal Free London NHS Foundation Trust14 August 201810 September 2018
Barts Health NHS Trust29 October 201805 November 2018
Homerton University Hospital NHS Foundation Trust14 November 201823 April 2018
North Middlesex University Hospital NHS TrustDecember 201823 March 2018

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  • 93 participants recruited as of 26 July 2019.