Division of Infection and Immunity


Professor Clare Jolly

Professor of Virus Cell Biology


Research in the Jolly lab aims to understand the cell biology of HIV-1 infection and spread between T cells.

Research summary

Work in my lab aims to determine precisely how HIV hijacks the normal cellular machinery of T cells to drive efficient viral replication and spread, and the biological consequences thereof. Dissecting the molecular details of how these processes work will provide greater insight into HIV-1 pathogenesis and inform future antiviral strategies. Our work is underpinned by expertise in molecular virology, cell biology and advanced imaging.

Our current research focuses on four main areas:

  • Characterising virus-host interactions that support successful HIV replication in T cells
  • Dissecting the molecular determinants and regulators of cell-cell spread at virological synapses
  • Investigating how viral proteins are trafficked in infected cells and how virus assembly is coordinated
  • Evaluating antiviral therapeutics and inhibitors.


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