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Professor Gupta featured in Guardian article looking at progress towards a cure for HIV

3 July 2019

The Guardian article looks at the last fifty years of HIV since the first known HIV-related death and the potential impact of two patients that appear to have been cured of the virus.

Scanning electron micrograph of HIV particles infecting a human H9 T cell

Division of Infection & Immunity researcher, Professor Ravi Gupta, featured in a recent Guardian article looking at the last half-century of HIV and whether we are any closer to a cure.

Close to 37 million people are living with HIV worldwide, and almost one million people die annually from HIV-related causes.*

In the article, Professor Gupta discusses his ‘London patient’ study, where a second person has experienced sustained remission from of HIV-1 following a stem cell transplant from donors carrying a genetic mutation that prevents expression of an HIV receptor CCR5.

The article was published in the Guardian on 2 July.



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