Division of Infection and Immunity


Professor Ravindra Gupta

Honorary staff


Research in the Gupta lab focusses on host-pathogen and drug-pathogen interactions to inform HIV treatment and curative strategies.

Research summary

The Gupta lab has teams in both London and at the Africa Health Research Institute in Durban South Africa. Our work focuses on two areas:

  • Studying in vitro HIV drug resistance to protease inhibitors and implications for global scale up of antiretroviral therapy
  • Investigating the details of macrophage infection in clinical isolates. Macrophages are a crucial component of the immune system and a unique cell type in terms of access to sanctuary sites, thus representing a difficult-to-treat reservoir.

Ravi Gupta's research career is focused on emergence of global HIV drug resistance. Having completed his specialist medical training in infectious diseases and a Masters in International Public Health, he now works on clinical/epidemiological aspects of drug resistance as well as in vitro investigation of susceptibility to protease inhibitors, a major class of drugs now being widely used to tackle first line treatment failure globally.

His doctoral work also included work on mammalian innate immune restriction factors, generating interest in innate immune cells such as macrophages. The lab now also works on how HIV parasitises long lived macrophages and the role of these cells as a reservoir of HIV, including drug resistant strains.

In addition we are studying the underlying virus and host biology behind HIV 'elite controllers' who are able to naturally control infection without drug therapy. Such insights may lead to alternative treatments for HIV.

Selected publications