Division of Infection and Immunity


Virtual Virology

15 March 2018, 4:00 pm–6:00 pm

'Exploring immunotherapeutic targets for Hepatitis B'

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Towers Lab


Christopher Ingold Building, XLG1 Chemistry LT

The Virtual Virology series provides a forum for virology groups from around the UK to present their work. Sessions are focused on the most exciting and current questions in virology. The meeting format is a presenting group of three speakers who are introduced by a representative or the head of their research group.

This months talks:

  • Targeting liver-resident T cells | Dr Laura Pallet, UCL
  • Can we harness the B cell response to HBsAg? | Alice Burton, UCL
  • Do NK cells have antiviral potential in HBV? | Dr Kerstin Stegmann, UCL
  • Immunotherapeutic strategies in the adeno-HBV model | Dr Mariana Diniz, UCL

Host: Professor Mala Maini, UCL

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