Virtual Virology Seminar Series

EM micrograph of budding HIV in monocyte derived macrophages. Image courtesy of Dr Annegret Pelchen-Matthews
Virtual Virology

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The programme provides a regular forum for the best virology groups from around the UK to present their work. Sessions are focused on the most exciting and current questions in virology. The format provides opportunity for extended discussion of topics with ample time for questions and answers as well as informal follow-up discussions. After the session everyone is encouraged to come and have a drink in a nearby pub and afterwards speakers and interested parties usually have dinner locally.

Attendance is particularly useful for graduate students and post-docs in providing:

Opportunities for networking: getting to know fellow students and established investigators from other Institutions in an informal setting.

Development of scientific communication skills: presenting work to an expert audience in a friendly environment and discussing work with local experts.

More broadly, the series is intended to support and nurture the professional and social development of the already strong London virology community.

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The meeting is held monthly during term time, usually on the third Thursday of the month at 4pm.

The format of the meeting is a presenting group of 3 speakers, each talking for 25 minutes plus question time. They are introduced by a representative or head of their research group. 

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Dr Leo James


Cruciform LT 2


How does HIV carry out reverse transcription inside the closed capsid?

David Jacques,
UNSW Sydney
When too many structures is barely enough: What (we think) we’ve learned by comparing HIV and SIV capsids.
 Till Böcking,
UNSW Sydney
 How to tweak HIV capsid stability: Control of uncoating kinetics revealed by single-molecule imaging
 Donna Mallery,
MRC LMB, Cambridge
IP6 is an HIV pocket factor that regulates capsid assembly and disassembly.

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Further Meetings:

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If you are interested in attending, please contact Jane Turner: jane.turner (at)

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