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DASA Multistatic C-UASTarget Classification Phase 1

Split screen of a drone hovering and a flight path radar monitor screen

19 August 2020

Detecting and classifying UAV platforms using a multistatic / multi-pol / multi-band radar system

Funder DASA
Amount £ 120 000


Research topics  Micro-Doppler | Automatic Target Classification | UAVs


This project looks to provide innovative signal processing and machine learning algorithms to detect UAV systems and differentiate them from bird targets commonly found in the same field of view. This project will leverage a unique series of datasets gathered by UCL using two multistatic radar sensors, NetRAD and NeXtRAD developed by UCL. The signatures of UAS platforms, and birds, will be analysed over three separate frequency bands, different polarisations and multistatic sensor network geometries. 


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