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Before you join UCL

Congratulations on being offered a job at UCL. Here are a collection of resources which we hope will make your transition into UCL as straight forward as possible.

Prior to your start date, your line manager will be in touch to confirm the arrangements for your arrival and anything you need to know in advance.  

Some things you might need to do or know about before you join UCL

Automatic enrolment into a UCL pension scheme for new contracts 

When you start working at UCL, you will automatically be enrolled into a pension scheme. You can find out more about auto enrolment on the UCL Pension Services website.

Act now to preserve your enhanced or fixed protection

If you have enhanced or fixed protection and would like to preserve it, you will need to opt out of the UCL scheme that you are automatically enrolled into within your first three months of employment. If this applies to you, please let Pension Services know as soon as possible (and within your first three months of employment) in order to preserve your protection.

To let us know, you will need to

  1. complete an “Opt-out Form” (you can find the relevant "opt-out form" under “Opting out of USS, SAUL”)  
  2. email the completed form to Pension Services (pensions@ucl.ac.uk) explaining your reason for opting out

The timeframe is set out by HMRC, so if we do not receive your form in time, you will lose your protected status.

Help for staff moving to London or the UK 

Some other things you might want to explore

General information

Find out more about UCL

  • UCL Minds - explore the UCL Minds website to find out about what's happening around campus and some of the amazing breakthroughs that our staff have contributed to

Engage with UCL public events and activities