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UCL Annual Appraisal and Review Scheme

10 January 2024

A reminder to staff that the UCL annual appraisal season is here (January and April 2024).


We would like to remind staff that the UCL annual appraisal season runs from January to April each year. Managers are encouraged to start engaging with the resources available online and to schedule appraisal meetings with their direct reports.

We would also like to share the following updates with you.

  • Working in collaboration with managers in the Technical Managers Group, a new appraisal form has been designed to support staff working in the Technical community. This form is being launched as part of a pilot project in 2024, and feedback will be collated to inform the future appraisal process for staff.
  • Existing forms for Professional Services and Academic, Teaching and Research staff have been updated to include statements on Declarations of Interest and Conflict of Interest

For further guidance and to access the appraisal forms, visit the UCL Annual Appraisal and Review Scheme website.

Other useful links:

If you have any questions about appraisals, please contact Organisational Development (osd@ucl.ac.uk