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The UCL annual appraisal season is here (January and April 2023)

10 January 2023

New and improved appraisal forms are now available to support staff and their career development at UCL.


The UCL annual appraisal and review scheme 

UCL’s annual appraisal season runs from January to April each year. Managers are encouraged to start engaging with the resources and to schedule appraisal meetings with their direct reports.

In December, we communicated that, after extensive consultation with staff from across the UCL community, several key changes and developments have been made:

  • A new appraisal form for Academic, Teaching and Research staff. Aligned to the Academic Career Framework and geared towards enhancing career conversations around work, realising objectives, and recognising achievements. 

  • An improved appraisal form for Professional Services Staff to facilitate more quality career conversations and goal-setting activities.

  • The creation of checklists centred on meeting individual needs.

  • An improved user experience for recording appraisal completion in MyHR. 

  • Continued support for central reporting to monitor completion rates across UCL, with reporting to the People and Culture Committee on a termly basis.

Work is also underway to resolve known issues in PAR (Professorial Appraisal Reviews) system while we work towards the implementation of a new appraisal system for all UCL staff, in 2024.

Visit the UCL Annual Appraisal and Review Scheme webpage

If you have any questions about appraisals, please contact Loleta Fahad, Head of Career Development (l.fahad@ucl.ac.uk)