UCL Institute of Healthcare Engineering


Our team

We are a highly interdisciplinary team of mechanical engineers from UCL, clinicians from UCLH and industry partners Mercedes-AMG HPP bought together through the UCL Institute of Healthcare Engineering

At UCL we have an ecosystem of partnerships spanning engineering, healthcare and industry, ready to be mobilised in times of need. The rapid deployment of these partners to meet the international challenges presented by Covid19 is a true demonstration of collaboration. 

UCL-Ventura is led by engineers Prof Rebecca Shipley (Director, UCL Institute of Healthcare Engineering), Prof Tim Baker (UCL Mechanical Engineering) and clinicians Prof Mervyn Singer (UCL Medicine and UCLH Critical Care) and Prof David Lomas (School of Life and Medical Sciences).

The UCL and University College London Hospital team includes Dr Tom Peach (UCL Mechanical Engineering), Dr Tom Rushton (UCL Mechanical Engineering), Mr Peter Weston (UCL Mechanical Engineering), Mr James Weaver (UCL Mechanical Engineering) and Dr David Brealey (UCL Medicine and UCLH Critical Care). The team is supported by Marilyn Aviles (Research & Development), Georgie Cade (Communications) and Alice Hardy (Marketing).

We are privileged to be working in such close collaboration with our industry partners Mercedes-AMG High Performance Powertrains. Their engineering and manufacturing expertise has been critical. Mercedes-AMG HPP have been working as part of the 'Project Pitlane' collective. ‘Project Pitlane’ is a collective of UK-based Formula 1 teams and their respective technology arms coordinating a response to the UK government’s call for assistance with the manufacture of medical devices. It will pool the resources and capabilities of its member teams, focusing on the core skills of the F1 industry: rapid design, prototype manufacture, test and skilled assembly. F1’s ability to respond rapidly to engineering and technological challenges allows the group to add value to the wider engineering industry’s response.

We are also working closely with a number of other industry partners and a network of suppliers faciliated through the GTMA: Engineering Companies & Manufacuring Association. Another thanks goes to G-TEM, who are invaluable partners supporting the logistics and distribution of the devices. 

The UCL-UCLH collaboration has been enabled through the National Institute for Health Research UCLH Biomedial Research Centre. UCL Business have facilitated the licensed release of the designs for international, humanitarian use through their new platform: covid19research.uclb.com.

Particular thanks also go to Prof Nigel Titchener-Hooker (Dean of UCL Engineering) and Prof Yiannis Ventikos (UCL Mechanical Engineering) for their support of the UCL-Ventura project. 

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