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Transforming lives through digital and medical technologies.

For us, it’s all about overcoming the big challenges – the ones that matter most. They drive our research and, quite frankly, get us into work every morning. We want to help patients with spinal injuries walk again. We want people to avoid stroke and paralysis. We want to hold back the visual deterioration that comes with age. We want to help cure cancer. 

Based at University College London, we bring together leading researchers to develop digital and medical technologies that transform lives across the globe. 

Our research is grouped into five themes which cut across healthcare need – Prevention, Monitoring, Diagnostics, Therapies and Interventions, Rehabilitative and Assistive Technologies. You can find out more here

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Great research cannot happen alone. We have input from fields as diverse as engineering, health, human sciences, data and computing. This interdisciplinary breadth is also our community's strength. Collaboration helps us to push the boundaries of our thinking, encouraging fresh perspectives and the application of technologies to novel areas. 


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From artificial intelligence to 3D-printed prosthetics, and from wearable sensors to surgical robots. Using the latest advances and the brightest minds we are pushing the forefront of healthcare engineering. We think innovatively and differently about problems, whether that’s using the latest technologies or through developing affordable alternatives for low-resource settings. 


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We are driven by the world’s most pressing healthcare challenges and are always focused on delivering impact. Working closely with clinicians, industry partners, patients and public means that we stay concentrated on developing usable solutions for real problems. 


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